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Lightspeed Internet does have a once off setup fee on our No Lock-In Contracts. This fee is to cover the physical cost of Lightspeed Internet staff to provision your service. Whilst most of the provisioning is computerised, a good portion is still manual work. This does include Lightspeed Internet following up on your connection stability.

There can also be a “New Development Charge” applied to some signups. These only occur when NBNCo have installed services in a newly developed area that can not get access to existing telecommunications infrastructure. This charge is $300.00

Line Rental is included in all services provided by Lightspeed Internet, in turn the National Broadband Network. You will not have to pay for these costs.

There is three main types of installation.

TECHNICIAN REQUIRED: When a Technician is required, this means NBNCo will send out an approved contractor to connect your service. Most appointments are only around 10 – 15 minutes and cover the installation of your new NBN Service.

TECHNICIAN REQUIRED – NO EU: No EU (No End User) means NBNCo are confident that existing information they have at your address means a technician will only need to perform the connection down the line at a node, pillar or fibre junction box.

TRANSFER (REMOTE ACTIVATION): All Transfers from other NBN Providers are remote activations. The Activation Time depends on which provider you are coming from. Whilst most take within 24 hours to complete the transfer – others can take up to 14 business days.

If you have missed an appointment, NBNCo will give one more opportunity to reschedule the given appointment. If that appointment is missed, NBNCo may charge a setup fee of $299.00 plus gst plus labour costs.