Why our NBN™?

We often get the question “Why Lightspeed Internet?” “Why Lightspeed Internet’s nbn™?”. There is a reason why so many Australians love us, its not just the great speeds our network provides over the nbn™ – its also our Customer Service. We are the guys who don’t push you to signup for 24 months, we are the guys who will try our very best to help you get setup. We are honest and frank about situations and we love to support our customers 110%!

Our network is serviced by some industry leading carriers around the country, its reliable and operated 24/7.

More Details

Lightspeed Network

As an Internet Service Provider, we’ve made sure we’ve partnered with the right people to provide you reliable service throughout Australia.

We have access to NBNCo’s 121 Points of Interconnect (PoI’s) with our network Points of Presence is every major state around the country.

Network Operation Center


Fully Operated 24/7/365

Our Industry Leading Carriers provide support to the network 24/7/365. We are in the constant loop of the Network Operations Centre (NOC). We receive realtime and live updates 24/7/365.

Fault Rectification

Our NOC will provide realtime updated information about any network faults. The NOC will also provide updates on individual cases & NBN™ related network faults.

Lightning Fast Backups

Lightspeed Internet's Network does have a redundancy transit backup, meaning our uptime is 99.99%.